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You May Have Noticed (plus a poem)

That I have been changing the way this site looks. I think I’m done now, but I may change it in the future, so let’s just hope I manage to leave it this way for a long while!
And now for a poem

The Other Me

There is another me
She lives in a mirror
Who are you,
Other me?
What is your thoughts,
Other me?

You mirror what I do,
You look like me
But you are not me

I know this because,
You talk to me,
In my head

Everyone else,
Just sees me
But I know better,
I see you

Other me,
Why do you stare at me so?
Why do you live in the mirror?
Please tell me,
Other me,
Tell me please

You live in the mirror,
You look like me,
But you are not me

I know this because,
You talk to me,
Other me,
You live in a mirror

I was going to publish this yesterday, but my computer crashed (ugg) and freaked out when I tried to upload a picture 😦 So expect another post today.
So, please contact me and tell me what I should post about! (I really need this!)

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Why Do I Write

Why do you,
A photographer,
Take pictures?

Why do you,
A runner,

Why do you,
A gardener,

Why do you,
A singer,

Why do you,
A talker,

Why do you,
A thinker,

Why do you do,
What you do?

Why do I write,
What I write?

A Photographer,
Takes photos,
Because they enjoy it

A Runner,
Because the sport is their’s

A Gardener,
Because that’s what they chose

A Singer,
Because they are compelled to express thoughts

A Talker,
Because their voice screams to be let out

A Thinker,
Because that is what they do

I Write,
What I write,
Because I enjoy it

Because the sport is mine
Because that’s what I chose

Because I am compelled to express my thoughts
Because my voice screams to be let out

It is
What I

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Birthday Poem(s)

This first poem is for my friend Faith’s birthday

You are my friend,
My sunshine,
My pal

You are now 13,
We are growing up

We will always
Be friends

Happy Birthday,
To you

Happy Birthday,
Dearest, Faith

This is for my Dad, whose birthday is also today.

Sure your getting old,
Yet you still run,
With me
You help me,
With everything

Your getting old,

But still,
You’ll always be,

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Story Untold

This is a meant to be a song and sounds better if you sing it. (even in your head)

There are tears in my eyes,
A blank page at my feet,
A story untold

There is a life to be planned,
There is a plot to be told,
And a twist to surprise

Where are the words,
I ask,
Where is the story inside?

The cursor blinks,
The pen lays idle

There is a song inside,
A story, a poem

It’s somewhere inside,
Just write t out, write is out,
Write it out!
There is no time for regrets,
Just write, write, Write!

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Okay, I have not posted in a LONG time!!! So sorry! I have a poem today, and more posts on the way.

It stares you down,
Dares you to make a mark,
Threatens you
What is it?

It frightens any writer,
More than anything,
What is it?

White or cream,
Black lines,
Blue lines,
No lines
What is it?


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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day! Here’s to all those veterans!

Memorial Day always makes me think. So… here’s a poem.

What would it be like,
To be a veteran on Memorial Day?
Would it make me sad,
Would I remember all my friends,
Who are gone

What would I think
Would I be happy that I survived-
Or wish I hadn’t.

Does Memorial Day make them happy,
Or does it make them cry?
I may never know,
What you think.

But I thank you,
For helping this country,
Stay as it should be
So, one last time,
May I say,
Thank You

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It flows around me,
The sound so sweet
Gently rising,
Gently falling

That song inspires me,
Makes me feel like I could…

It spirals and twirls,
Twists and turns,
Making a joyful noise

But the best of them,
They sound sweet, yes,
They are meledious, yes
They also
Praise the Lord

Make a joyful noise,
Shout out loud
Play a melody,
Praise the Lord Almighty