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The Joys of Siblings

May 26th 2018, our book, The Joys of Siblings will be released and ready to read.

The back of the book reads:

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
~Psalm 133:1

Four writers, four families. Follow the narratives of Grace Matlyn Buckner, Loretta Marchize, Reba Cray, and Grace Iannello as they tell their sibling’s stories in this unique book. Each writer spins a tale four chapters long, a tale of growing up and of siblings. From one sibling to seven, each distinctive piece will have you laughing, crying, smiling, and everything in between

That sums up the book pretty good. It’s very exiting, as this is the first book I have written with someone else. If you want to visit our website:

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Formating Book

So I’m formatting some of my short stories that I wrote, a few which I posted here. The stories are:

  • Celine
  • Small Town Inn
  • The Wizard on Main Street (which I finished and am possibly posting to Wattpad. I will tell you if I do)
  • Adventure on the River
  • The Golden Summer
  • Time Travel
  • I am a Queen
  • Drafting the Rules (wich I posted on here under the title ‘Time Travel Rules’
  • The Storm of a Hundred Years
  • Plus any other short story I write.

I’m formatting these so that if I ever end up self-publishing them I am all ready. I want to practice on these and figure it out before I do anything big. So… if you have any links to sites that help with formatting processes, (I’m using OpenOffice) or any tips from experience/research- I’m welcoming them! Thank you!

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Barnes and Noble Thrill

Okay yes, I’ve been a very busy person today. But hey, all the more fun for you, right? (:

This is a post I did on the BGLG

As a side note, the book that the BGLG and I are writing is coming along nicely. I have all four of my chapters done and I don’t know about the others, but we all have quite a bit done. We are going to have a release date sometime soon, and I will make another post then, but include the book cover. Witch is awesome by the way, it’s one of the best ones yet! (The book cover)

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Random Little Things

Headphones, Notebook
Kindle, and Pencil
These are the things that are me
Laptop, sketchbook

These are the things that are me
Do they really define me?
Do they really say who I am?

Or is it the clean room,
The messy writing
The open bible
That really defines me?

There are random little things,
Headphones, Notebook
Kindle, and Pencil
Laptop and Sketchbook
These are the things,
That fill my house

These are the things
That sit on my desk

Is it they that define me?
Or is it the tangled cords,
The messy handwriting,
The fully charged kindle,
In a flowery case
The mechanical Pencil,
That ran out of lead,
A long time ago

Is it the google documents,
And WordPress,tabs
The Sketchbook filled to the brim,
With character sketches,
Are these the things that truly define me?

They say a picture equals a thousand words
They say a writer uses a notebook
But so does a scholar,
A preacher,
A teacher

They say a picture equals a thousand words,
But it is not the picture,
It is the content.

The messy writing, the tangled cords
The open WordPress tabs,
The flowery case,
The open bible

Those are the things
That make a picture,
Those are the things
That tell you who I am

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The Discoverer

I do believe that a while back I posted a link for my monthly newspaper, but before I start this post, here it is again:  This post was supposed to be out tomorrow, but then I had to go run… So it didn’t come out. So sorry!

There are a lot of good things about being the editor of a newspaper: it’s a good thing to impress people with, it’s fun to see everyone’s work and then share it with other people, I can put things in the newspaper whenever I want, and because I run it I don’t need to put things it it all the time, I edit it for goodness sake!

However, running a newspaper isn’t for everyone. There are a lot of hard things about it too, I need to remember ALL my subscribers, keep my staff on track (sometimes they forget to do stuff) and I need to keep the website updated, PLUS do this blog also. And if you go into the buisness expecing to make money? I’m sorry, not happening. Expecially if you plan to print your nespaper, a LOT of money!

Of course, if someone went into buisness planning to have a big newspaper that distributes city wide and covers political and other big topics, then you can make some money.

HOWEVER, my nespaper is a friends and family newspaper, other people get it to, but it is run by people who are friends and family. None of us are paid, all money goes to The Discoverer, for printing and other costs.

Anyway, running a newspaper may be hard, but it’s worth it! Plus, I get to put it on my English school report, even though it’s not school (benefits of homeschooling!!) I love The Discoverer and don’t want to quit it anytime soon. The other thing is, even though it’s hard, everyone has an equal load. My mom edits it, my friend Grace Matlyn Buckner runs our Google+, so it’s not like I’m all on my own here.

Please visit our site, or our Google+. It would mean a lot to us, we are small but we really want to grow The Discoverer.

By the way, Expect a poem or two from me today!

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Outfit Creator

If you follow the link it leads you to this really cool outfit creator for writers. It’s really good for fiction writers. It works well, can do boy or girl outfits and easily converts to a PNG image on your computer to print and color in however you want. I made all my characters (10- including bad guys) for a new short story I’m working on.


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The Lunar Chronicles

I just finished reading The Lunar Chronicles and so this is my thoughts on them. I do really love them!

The Lunar Chronicles is a four book series by Marissa Myer. The four main books include: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter. There are also two other books by Marissa Myers, Fairest and Stars Above. Fairest is about Levana (the evil queen, antagonist) and Stars Above is multiple short stories plus an epilogue for Winter.

Cinder starts the story off with the young mechanic Linh Cinder. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so I won’t give many plot details, but the story accelerates quickly as Cinder grows up with her adoptive family, Adri, Pearl, Peony and Garan.

The second book, Scarlet, moves from Cinder’s point of view to Scarlet’s. Starlet lives with her Grand-mere on a small town farm, until she disappears. She meets Wolf, a street fighter, and at the end she runs into Cinder and Thorne. (Cinder picks up Thorne at the end of Cinder/beginning of Scarlet.) The Lunars (people from the moon) begin to be much more present in this book than in Cinder.

Cress is of course Crescent’s point of view, but all the books feature all point of views, even Prince Kai’s, sometimes. Crescent is just as well-written as Cinder and Scarlet, and takes the story along nicely. The Lunars become more and more a part of the story, all the way until Winter.

Winter is Levana’s stepdaughter, and refuses to use her Lunar gift. (the ability to manipulate people… it’s confusing) She’s crazy (mentally), because of her refusal to even simply use glamour. Winter is the last book in the main series, and brings all four books to a nice close.

The last book is Stars Above, which contains the deeper backstories of a few characters and a nice epilogue to Winter. It’s a must read for any Lunar Chronicles fan.

There is also Fairest, Levana’s backstory. I haven’t read that one yet, but I assume it’s good.

Marissa’s novels carry a wonderful story, a great science fiction read. I personally recommend the book, but if you are 13 and under I suggest your parents check them out first- as mine did.

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Not so ramble-prone anymore

I posted a while back about Going off topic and how I tend to ramble. Good news- I don’t anymore! At the very least, I have learned to accept it if I ramble, because it leads me to new- and better- topics that I hadn’t thought of beforehand.

Rambling is something that has always been a part of my life, whether or not anyone would guess that. I’m a naturally shy person, but put me around someone I know really well like mom or grandma (in a one on one conversation) and I can talk for hours.

Anyway, that’s good news for you because it means… drum roll please…. Better posts! Because then I’m not constantly apologizing for rambling and constantly jumping from a topic I naturally was led to to a topic I started with.

(I’ve also learned to change post titles according to what the post ends up being (: )

The other thing is that I never have drafts or trashed posts, wich is funny. Most people’s blogs that I have read have mentioned at least once getting to afraid to post something on the web, but for some reason that never bothered me…. maybe I should stop talking about it because then it makes me start thinking about it, that might make me nervous!

So, I guess the thing is:

  1. I’ve fixed the ramble issue
  2. I’ve learned to change post titles, they don’t always start out perfect
  3. And I should really not talk about never trashing posts 😉

So thank you, readers, for stopping by and please comment/like/follow, whatever suits your taste!


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New Book Thrill

Don’t you just love the ‘new book thrill’ that comes with getting a brand new book idea?

“Wow,” you think “This book is the best idea yet! I can see it all played out, exactly where it will go, exactly how the characters will react…. Wow! I can’t wait to get started right away! I’m sure it will all go by so fast, what could go wrong?” 

Then you start to research, write little scribbles of ideas, keep pages and pages of notes and character info, you research publishing options and book formats and all sorts of other not-very-useful-things-that-we-won’t-mention, because hey, writers never get distracted, do they? (Ha ha)

The next step is to write the first chapter, an author bio, come up with a great title and create an awesome book cover. ‘Don’t over think it’ reads one site ‘When it gets hard, push through it’ reads another site.

‘Ha!’ You say to yourself ‘This is easy! What are they talking about?’

Next you write the second chapter, a bit harder then the first, and work on making a neat table of contents, and dedicating your book. Two weeks pass in this state of happiness, and then you begin to despair.

‘Oh goodness, I haven’t done any writing this month! I’ll have to do extra…’ You mutter as you push the laptop away and move to other, more important, things. ‘I have no clue where this is taking me. Who is this character? I don’t even know anymore!’ Chapters have to be ground out of you, and you’ve stopped mentioning your book in every conversation.

After a long while, much longer than was previously thought, you finish the book. Then you get a new book idea and try to hold back the thrill with thoughts like: ‘You know what happend last time, don’t get too hipped!’ The more practical side of your brain tries to hold back the carefree, hipped like a kid on caffeine, writer side, but to no avail. Soon he gets caught up in the thrill to.

At least you are prepared this time, and preserve through it all. Then you feel free to shake your head at new authors who blindly rush into their great book idea, and you cluck your tongue like a wise old elder.

But you’d do it again if you got another idea. Because as wise-old-elderish (No, elderish is not a word) as more experienced writers may seem, hey, they are still writers! And no writer can ignore the


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So this morning we did peaches, wich means we peeled, sliced, and bagged two baskets full of peaches. Last year we did a lot all at once, and canned some. Peaches are hard, but also fun. You get to taste them, but you have to put a lot of work into it.

It’s all good in the end though! You get to eat peaches all year long!! We also make peach pit jelly, mm, yummy! (its actually really good (: )