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If I Had a Time Machine

If I had a time machine I would take all the time I gained from it to do one thing: Finish My Book. I would write all the books/short stories that I don’t have time for. You know why I don’t have time? Because I’m 13 years old. I go to school, and I don’t have complete control over my schedule, my parents do. So, I have an hour-two hours a day, and sometimes that’s not enough. (Mostly because of research/blogging) So, what would you do with a time machine?

Don’t forget to contact me and tell me what I should post about! (you don’t have many days left)



I'm a 13-year old writer, reader, blogger and so much more. I love to experiment (whether it's baking, crafts, or writing projects) and I love to try new things. (except foods...) I write fiction stories and I write real stuff that happened to me, a christian teen. That's the other thing, I'm Christian, and God is a big part of my life- which means my blog too. (oh, and my nickname is MZ)

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