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Why Do I Write

Why do you,
A photographer,
Take pictures?

Why do you,
A runner,

Why do you,
A gardener,

Why do you,
A singer,

Why do you,
A talker,

Why do you,
A thinker,

Why do you do,
What you do?

Why do I write,
What I write?

A Photographer,
Takes photos,
Because they enjoy it

A Runner,
Because the sport is their’s

A Gardener,
Because that’s what they chose

A Singer,
Because they are compelled to express thoughts

A Talker,
Because their voice screams to be let out

A Thinker,
Because that is what they do

I Write,
What I write,
Because I enjoy it

Because the sport is mine
Because that’s what I chose

Because I am compelled to express my thoughts
Because my voice screams to be let out

It is
What I



I'm a 13-year old writer, reader, blogger and so much more. I love to experiment (whether it's baking, crafts, or writing projects) and I love to try new things. (except foods...) I write fiction stories and I write real stuff that happened to me, a christian teen. That's the other thing, I'm Christian, and God is a big part of my life- which means my blog too. (oh, and my nickname is MZ)

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