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Birthday Poem(s)

This first poem is for my friend Faith’s birthday

You are my friend,
My sunshine,
My pal

You are now 13,
We are growing up

We will always
Be friends

Happy Birthday,
To you

Happy Birthday,
Dearest, Faith

This is for my Dad, whose birthday is also today.

Sure your getting old,
Yet you still run,
With me
You help me,
With everything

Your getting old,

But still,
You’ll always be,



I'm a 13-year old writer, reader, blogger and so much more. I love to experiment (whether it's baking, crafts, or writing projects) and I love to try new things. (except foods...) I write fiction stories and I write real stuff that happened to me, a christian teen. That's the other thing, I'm Christian, and God is a big part of my life- which means my blog too. (oh, and my nickname is MZ)

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