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Dear Faith

This is for my friend Faith. She was my BFF, and then we moved. If your reading this, Faith, I just want to let you know that you’ll always be my special friend!

Dear Faith,
I miss you a thousand times over! Your one of my best friends, on top of that your a writer. Did you know that the day I left WI I hid under the covers until Mom had called my twice? I didn’t want to leave! I want you to know that no matter how many miles are in between us they can’t separate us. After we moved I kept thinking ‘oh that’s cool, I’ll have to tell Faith about it on Sunday, oh wait, I can’t.’ Sure I made new friends, Grace and Kat to name a few. But you will always be a best friend.
Your Friend,



I'm a 13-year old writer, reader, blogger and so much more. I love to experiment (whether it's baking, crafts, or writing projects) and I love to try new things. (except foods...) I write fiction stories and I write real stuff that happened to me, a christian teen. That's the other thing, I'm Christian, and God is a big part of my life- which means my blog too. (oh, and my nickname is MZ)

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